Thursday, March 4, 2010


hey bloggy!
long time no share
actually don't know what things to share today
just suddenly miss you
i miss the time when my fingers dancing above this keyboard write something good or bad that was happen to me
how are you?
hmm like a few months ago i've delete one of my fave post
it's about me and someone
just don't talk about it haha

first of all, i'm still lazy to write all the shit that happen during this months
but todaaay, just wanna tell you guys that this morning when i woke up from my slept, i felt my head was so damn hurt
it's like my brain is gonna explode!
i've got fever and influenza
it's really bad :(
by the way,
i do miss someone
i really wanna share this thing to him, but i don't wanna make he worry
aaaaahhh have nothing to say anymore

bye bloggy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


i've spend a billion hours during this life, and it has reached 17 years. there's a pride in myself that i can through it all. however, all of these weren't as perfect as i think about when i was younger. too many stories that never even be thought. i was sooo grateful for what has been given by my Lord.

but there is one question that still disrupt my brain..

why remorse always come at the end?


have you regret something that you've done?
certainly have. now, i'm fall on it. sucks. when we know that we're regreting what we already do, it make us feel unhappy, we can't forgive ourselves. but what can we do? trying to forgive ourselves and try to re-arrange everything?

all statements that say,
"i want my life meaningful.
i wanna do all that i mean. i want my life story as sweet as a fairytale. perfect, flawless. "
all that was nonsense.
i know that we can't be as perfect as the words said above.
you agree not you?
sometimes i was thinking so hard,
why being god creatures can't make us perfect?
why we can't repeat a time or return to the past as doraemon do with the time machine?
why all this feels so sucks?

we only seem to waste our bored time to discuss all this tosh. let's rise up and re-arrange our lives as possible :)
we all know that this is not as easy as i say. but why don't we try it?
there's nonething to lose, hey! live our life and enjoy it. appreciate everysingle moment. try not to do wrong for the second time. love what you have, respect them.
says some 'magic words' to yourselves,
just like, belief in yourself.
you can be a better human than previous.
realize that life is very valuable.

i may not be a teacher
but i want you to do the same, especially if you have a same problem like me hehe.. make ourselves aware of the importance of the role of feelings and thoughts of a life. don't care about the things that may makes you fall.
makes you regret, even your o-w-n m-i-n-d-s


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dec 17, 2008

hey bloggy

i can't write too much this section :(
i just wanna share with you guys
that i'm..

i'm happy
yeah, i'm happy
tried to be happy
cause i've got everything i want
everything i need
it must be happy, right?

try to realize that nonething's perfect
try to don't look back.


now i'm with you
that's enough for me

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i cannot write somethin smart today

cause my own heart wont stop yelling and obstruct my head with these fuckin' words
"just give up, hey! you're weak"



how the hell could you do that?